First Time

Clone the Repository

git clone

Confirm Versions

See Getting Started#Confirm Versions

Set up Datastore for Development

Execute the following command in Docker environment.


For Windows, execute the command in the Linux VM set up in Getting Started#Set up Dependent Middlewares.

git clone
cd growi-docker-compose
docker-compose -f up

The following containers should be launched.

Product Port Desc
MongoDB 27017
ElasticSearch 9200
elasticsearch-head 9100 A web front end for an Elasticsearch cluster

Install Dependencies



DO NOT USE npm install


npm run migrate

Lauch Front-end and Back-end Server

  1. yarn build does the following.
    1. Build clients assets and launch webpack-dev-server.
    2. Detect changes in client-side files and auto-rebuild the client assets.
  2. yarn server does the following.
    1. Launch Express server.
    2. Detect changes in server-side files and auto-restart the Express server.

Each process can be ended with Ctrl-C.

Second Time On

See First Time, and follow the step below.

  1. Confirm Versions
  2. Set up Datastore for Development
  3. Install Dependencies
  4. Migration
  5. Lauch Front-end and Back-end Server

List of npm Commands

command desc
build Runs build:dev:watch
build:dev Builds client assets without watching file changes
build:dev:watch Watches file changes and re-builds the client assets
build:prod Builds the client assets for production
server Runs server:dev:watch
server:dev Launches the server
server:dev:watch Watches file changes and restarts the server
server:prod Launches the server for production
start Runs build:prod and server:prod
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