Launch App

  1. Go to the latest release page on GitHub
  2. Go to file tree URL like https://github.com/weseek/growi/tree/vX.X.x
  3. Click "Deploy to Heroku" button at the top of README.md
    1. Your browser will jump to Heroku
    2. Login if you need
  4. Deploy app


Install Heroku CLI

Please install Heroku CLI according to the Official Heroku page.

Update app's repository using Heroku CLI

At first, login to Heroku with following command:

$ heroku login 

Then, clone the app's repository from your Heroku account. Note that [App Name] should be replaced by your App's name. When you execute these comannds, you may see a message like warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository., it can be ignored safely.

heroku git:clone -a [App Name]

Check if remote registered correctly with git remote.

$ git remote -v
heroku	https://git.heroku.com/[App Name].git (fetch)
heroku	https://git.heroku.com/[App Name].git (push)

Register the GROWI repository on GitHub as remote.

$ git remote add origin https://github.com/weseek/growi.git

Get the tag list from GROWI repository.

$ git pull origin --tags 

Create a branch which is the version you want to use and checkout.

$ git checkout -b growi-vX.X.X refs/tags/vX.X.X

Push created branch to master branch of your Heroku repository. As a result, Heroku will build and deploy your app and complete upgrade, if you will not see any errors. (In some cases it may be necessary to give --force option with the command.)

$ git push heroku growi-vX.X.X:master
Last Updated: 6/25/2019, 8:40:25 AM