Launch devcontainer


The below documentation details our development environment at WESEEK Inc. It may include some tools that are not necessary for your use case.


  1. Open Visual Studio Code
  2. From the Command Palette, open the devcontainer repository
    • Open the Command Palette: Ctrl+Shift+P or <F1>
    • Dev Containers: Open folder in Container...
    • Select the weseek/growi repository
      • WSL path for Windows: \\wsl$\Ubuntu\home\{your account}\Projects\GROWI\growi
        • Replace {your account} with your own account name
  3. For first time users wait 5-10 minutes for the download and building of various docker container images.
  4. If there was no error, you should see docker containers in Remote Explorer in the sidebar
    • ready


To ensure there were no errors in setup, confirm the following information in the GROWI-Dev devcontainer window.

Git Settings

  • In terminal, display your Git settings. They should look similar to the following.
    • In Windows, check the WSL global settings

    • In Mac, check the local PC global settings

      node ➜ /workspace/growi-docs (master) $ git config -l --show-origin
      file:/home/node/.gitconfig Name
      file:/home/node/.gitconfig      core.autocrlf=false
      file:/home/node/.gitconfig      credential.helper=!f() { /home/node/.vscode-server/bin/a5d1cc28bb5da32ec67e86cc50f84c67cc690321/node /tmp/vscode-remote-containers-c717012556037588bd78c4b869724bf548d49841.js $*; }; f
    • It is normal for the credential.helper setting to look like a script as shown above


Remote WSL connestion failure

Symptom of the problem

sh: 1: /scripts/ not found


  1. Uninstall VSCode
  2. Delete C:\Users\${YourAccount}\.vscode
  3. Reinstall VSCode