Let's start development


Developers who are not used to Git functionality (branches, reset, rebase) should use a GUI client. GUI clients make it easy to develop while keeping in mind the tree structure of the Git repository and related considerations.

First Time

Perform the following steps in a terminal inside your GROWI-Dev devcontainer.

Install Dependencies

Execute the bootstrap script with turbo.

turbo run bootstrap

Alternatively, you can use the yarn command. But then you have to run it in the project root.

cd ${project root dir}


DO NOT USE npm install.

Launch Development Server

Open a terminal, and launch the development server.
You can exit with Ctrl-C.

Server for developing frontend

  1. cd apps/app
  2. Use turbo run dev to:
    • Launch express server and Next.js development server.
    • Run dev scripts of dependent sub-packages, followed by the main dev script.
    • Detect changes in the apps/app directory and auto-restart the server.

Auto-build for sub-packages

Sub-packages are managed in package packages/* which is separate from the main app package (apps/app), and neither change detection nor auto restarting does not work with the dev script of the app. To code on the development server with change detection for sub-packages, open a new terminal and run the following command.

The following example is for watching packages/core. You can exit with Ctrl-C.

  1. cd packages/core
  2. turbo run watch

Additional Launches

Each time the application is launched, repeat the steps under First Time.

List of npm Scripts

Here are the main commands used in development.
Check also the script section of apps/app/package.json to see all commands you can use.


Execute the following command under the apps/app directory.

command desc
dev Launch Express server for development.
Watch file changes and rebuild automatically.
dev:migrate:create Create a new migration file.
dev:migrate:status Check which migrations are applied (or not.
dev:migrate:up Apply all pending migrations.
dev:migrate:down Revert (only) the last applied migration.
dev:migrate [Alias] Invoke migrate:up.
lint Run code linting.
test Run unit/integration tests.
cy:run Run tests with Cypress.

Production Build and Execution


Execute the following command under the apps/app directory.

  1. Install dependencies

    turbo run bootstrap
  2. Build for production

    turbo run build

Access database with MongoDB for VS Code

https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=mongodb.mongodb-vscode (opens new window)

Connection to add: mongodb://mongo