Here is a brief introduction to GROWI. If you want to try GROWI, please refer to Try GROWI on the demo site

A wiki that can be written in Markdown

You can write a document with Markdown while previewing in real time on the left and right screens.

Code highlights, pictograms, annotations (footnotes), task lists, and HTML codes by Bootstrap for each programming language are also supported.

In addition, the page can have a hierarchy, and when you want to divide the page by category, you can organize the pages according to the purpose.

Incremental search of page titles using ElasticSearch and full text search of page contents are possible. Friendly to Japanese users, alphanumeric characters can be hit in either half-width or half-width.

The page name is supplemented when creating the page, and the page hierarchy can be organized efficiently.

Energize communication with comment function

Comments can be threaded for each page. Of course, comments can also be written and previewed by Markdown and attached to files.

Browser Description
Google Chrome Recommendation (latest version)
Mozilla FireFox Recommendation (latest version)
Safari Recommendation (latest version)
Microsoft Edge Recommendation (latest version)
Excluded (version 79 or below)
Microsoft Internet Explorer Excluded

GROWI screens will not be displayed properly on unsupported browsers and cannot be used.

Be sure to use the recommended browser.

GROWI is available on PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

Other features

There are many features that cannot be introduced here. For details, refer to "Features".