Receive In-App Notifications

GROWI allows you to receive notifications for pages you have subscribed to. Click on the bell button on the screen to open a drop-down and see up to 6 notifications.

Click See All in the dropdown to see all notifications.

The Unread tab allows you to see unread notifications. Click Mark All as Read to mark all notifications as read.

Subscribe to a page

Go to the page you want to receive notifications from, and click on the eye button to subscribe to it.

You can automatically subscribe to pages that you have created by yourself by turning on the PAGE_CREATE switch in the in-app notification settings in the user settings.

Notification types

You can receive the following types of notifications

  • Like
  • Bookmarks
  • Update a page
  • Rename a page
  • Delete a page
  • Completely delete a page
  • Comment