Render a page list using the lsx

lsx can render a list of pages that exist under a specific page.

For example, if you write $lsx() on a page, you can render a list of pages under that page as shown in the image.

This is useful when you want to list shortcuts to multiple pages.


Render a page list under the specified page

There are two ways to specify a page: absolute path from the root page or relative path from the page being edited.

If you specify a page that does not exist, an error message like $lsx(/sample) has no contents will be displayed.

  • $lsx(/user) render a page list of the main page's direct child called "user".
  • $lsx (./sample) render a page list under the current page's child called "sample".

Setting options

The lsx has many option settings. To set multiple options, separate each one with a comma as follows: $lsx(/page, depth=1, sort=createdAt, reverse=true).

List of options

Parameter name Default value Explanation Additional details
num 50 Specify the number of pages num option details
depth not set Specify the maximum depth depth option details
sort path Specify page sort order sort option details
reverse false Reverse the order of pages reverse option details
filter not set Filter pages filter option details


You can specify the number of pages to render. The default value is 50.

  • $lsx(num=N) : Renders N pages, where N is a natural number.
  • You can use : or + to control the pages to render.
    • $lsx(num=1:10) : Render pages 1st through 10th.
    • $lsx(num=2:) : Render pages from the 2nd to the last.
    • $lsx(num=5+2) : Render pages from the 5th to the next 2 (5th,6th,7th).


You can specify the maximum depth of the hierarchy to render. By default, all existing pages are rendered.

  • $lsx(depth=N) : Render pages down N levels starting from the current page or the specified page.
  • You can use : or + to control the pages to be render.
    • $lsx(depth=2:3) : Render pages 2 to 3 levels down.
    • $lsx(depth=2:) : Render pages from the 2 level to the lowest level.
    • $lsx(depth=1+2) : Render pages from 1 level down to the next 2 levels (1,2,3 levels).


The order of the page list can be specified as follows:

  • $lsx(sort=path) (default): Render pages in order of page name (ascending order of page name character code).
  • $lsx(sort=createdAt) : Render in ascending order of creation date (oldest first)- $lsx(sort=updatedAt) : Render in ascending order of last modified date (oldest first).


Reverse the render order. The default value is false.

  • $lsx(sort=updatedAt, reverse=true) : Render in descending order of last modified date (oldest first).


You can filter the render pages by the string contained in the page name. Filter's match type is partial match.

  • $lsx(filter=2023) : Only pages with 2023 in the page name will be render.


The $lsx() function used in GROWI originated as the Pukiwiki lsx plugin (opens new window)

The GROWI implementation can be found on our GitHub (opens new window)