Setup with Audit Log

How to make the audit log available and what logs to collect.

Enabling the Audit Log

To enable the Audit Log, set the environment variable AUDIT_LOG_ENABLED to true. From the moment you set true, log collection, display, and retrieval will be enabled.

Log types

The logs collected by GROWI are divided into three groups: SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE. The default is SMALL, which can be changed from the environment variable AUDIT_LOG_ACTION_GROUP_SIZE.

Login, Logout,
Create Page, Delete Page
⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️
All operations performed by ordinary users[1] ⭕️ ⭕️
All operations performed by the admin user ⭕️

Add/Exclude logs to be collected

Actions included/excluded in the group set in AUDIT_LOG_ACTION_GROUP_SIZE can be added/excluded individually.

  • Actions not included in the set group can be added/excluded individually.
    • Specify the environment variable AUDIT_LOG_ADDITIONAL_ACTIONS in CSV format (comma separated string)
  • Exclude actions in a configured group individually
    • Specify the environment variable AUDIT_LOG_EXCLUDE_ACTIONS in CSV format (comma separated string)

List of supported actions

  1. "All operations performed by ordinary users" does not include the event for page viewing (ACTION_PAGE_VIEW). To record it, please add the event indipendently with AUDIT_LOG_ADDITIONAL_ACTIONS. ↩︎