Custom bot with proxy settings

【Diagram】 diagram-for-custom-bot-with-proxy

To deploy a custom bot without proxy in your Slack workspace, you need to create and edit it on the Slack app. The steps are below.

Create a Custom bot with proxy

  1. Go to the App Page (opens new window) of the Slack API and click Create An App button. slack-custom-bot1

  2. Click From an app manifest. slack-custom-bot2

  3. Select the workspace where you want to install the app and click Next. slack-custom-bot3

  4. Paste the following App Manifest into the [YAML] tab, and click Next. slack-custom-bot4

    major_version: 1
    minor_version: 1
    name: GROWI BOT
      display_name: GROWI BOT
      always_online: false
      - command: /growi
        url: https://{Slackbot Proxy domain name}/slack/commands
        description: Test Bot
        should_escape: false
      - {GROWI domain name}
      - https://{Slackbot Proxy domain name}/slack/oauth_redirect
        - channels:history
        - channels:join
        - chat:write
        - chat:write.public
        - commands
        - groups:history
        - im:history
        - links:read
        - links:write
        - mpim:history
        - team:read
      request_url: https://{Slackbot Proxy domain name}/slack/events
        - link_shared
      is_enabled: true
      request_url: https://{Slackbot Proxy domain name}/slack/interactions
    org_deploy_enabled: false
    socket_mode_enabled: false
    token_rotation_enabled: false
  1. After reviewing the app overview, click Create to create the app. slack-custom-bot5

Start Slackbot Proxy

  1. Create a new file .env.development.local under packages/slackbot-proxy.
  2. Please input any environment variable SERVER_URI into the created file above.

e.g. SERVER_URI=http://localhost:8080

  1. Additionally, select the bot you created from the App Page (opens new window) and check the items Basic Information > App Credentials.


Add Client ID, Client Secret, Signing Secret, .env.development.local like below:

  1. Start both the GROWI main server and the proxy server(slackbot-proxy).
    You can start the proxy server with yarn and yarn dev commands.

  2. Select Custom bot with proxy from the Slack Integration section of the admin panel. slack-bot-selecting-custom-bot-with-proxy

Install Custom bot with proxy in your Slack workspace

  1. In the Slack App you have just created, go to Settings and click Manage distribution.
  2. When all four items in Share Your App with Other Workspaces are checked, press Activate Public Distribution. activate-public-dist
  3. Click the Add to Slack button on the Embeddable Slack Button.
  4. In the destination screen, click Allow. slack-bot-install-your-app-transition-destination
  5. If the message Congratulations! is displayed, the installation is complete.
  6. Invite the GROWI bot to the channel you want to use by using @example. slack-bot-install-to-workspace-joined-bot slack-bot-install-your-app-introduction-to-channel


If the message Illegal state, try it again. is displayed, press Go to install page, and then click Add to Slack button to install again. Or, if the message GROWI Bot installation failed.. is displayed, press retry from the Add to Slack button.

Register a Custom Bot with Proxy Service

  1. Open the registration for the GROWI Custom Bot with proxy service. You will see that two access tokens have been generated for the various tokens in the Generate Access Token section. Access tokens can be reissued if necessary.
  2. On Slack, type /growi register. slack-bot-growi-register slack-bot-add-workspace
  3. Save the URL of the target GROWI in the GROWI URL of the displayed modal.
  4. Enter the Access Token Proxy into GROWI and the Access Token GROWI to the Proxy issued above, then click the Submit button.


If successful, the URL of the proxy server will be displayed.


Enter the URL of the proxy server you obtained above into the Proxy URL of Custom Bot With Proxy Integration and update it.

Run Connectivity Test of Custom Bot with Proxy

  1. Click Test connection and input the Slack channel to which GROWI-Bot was invited. slack-bot-test-introduction

  2. Click on the Test button.

  • In case of success Successfully sent to Slack workspace. will be displayed in Logs. Green checkmarks will appear in red circles. Check the channel to which your GROWI-Bot was invited.

    • GROWI side slack-bot-test-success
    • Slack side slack-bot-test-success-at-slack-app
  • In case of failure
    See Error logs for connectivity test

Once you are all set up, see what you can do with a GROWI-bot