Upgrading GROWI to v4.3.x

GROWI v4.3 uses lerna to manage package dependencies.

GROWI v4.3 includes some official plugins in default.
Users no longer need to install growi-plugin-lsx (opens new window), growi-plugin-pukiwiki-like-linker (opens new window) and growi-plugin-attachment-refs (opens new window) before build client.

Change build procedure


This section content is a necessary operation when your system is built at the user's own scripts.
The users who uses the official docker image can skip this section.

  1. Use npx lerna bootstrap instead of yarn install to install dependencies.
  2. Remove following operations from your build code if exist.
    • yarn add growi-plugin-lsx
    • yarn add growi-plugin-pukiwiki-like-linker
    • yarn add growi-plugin-attachment-refs
    • yarn add -D react-images@1.0.0 react-motion

About new Slack Integration (update: 2021.09.08)


In v4.3, we implemented a new Slack integration function using Slackbot, but since the quality was not practical, we refactored it in v4.4 series without ensuring backward compatibility. As a result, Slackbot features in the v4.3 series will no longer be available.

If you want to use the new Slack integration function, please upgrade to v4.4 series.

Check before upgrading

  • Build GROWI at the user's own scripts
  • Install plugin packages with yarn add