Upgrading to GROWI v6.1.x

GROWI v6.1 adds new features such as chart drawing by Mermaid (opens new window), detachable permissions for viewing only, and a bookmark sidebar. Many other fixes and improvements have been made to ensure stable operation of each feature in response to the fundamental changes in the v6.0 series.

In addition, the supported middleware versions have been changed.

GROWI <= v6.0.x v6.1.x
Node.js 14, 16 16, 18
MongoDB 3.6, 4.0, 4.2, 4.4, 5 3.6, 4.0, 4.2, 4.4, 5, 6
Elasticsearch 6, 7 7, 8

There are changes to the execution environment and supported middleware, so admin should check the version used in their current environment before upgrading.

Table of Contents

For Admin

Node.js v14 no longer supported


  • Upgrade to v16 or v18

Elasticsearch v6 no longer supported, default version changed to v8

GROWI v6.1.0 removes code for Elasticsearch v6 and adds support for v8. Also, the default version used is now v8.

  • Systems using Elasticsearch v6 should upgrade to v7 or v8
  • If you want to use Elasticsearch v7, set ELASTICSEARCH_VERSION to 7 in environment variables.

Build Procedure Change


This section is required if you are building from source code published on GitHub.
It is not required if you are using official docker images.

Turborepo (opens new window) is now required as a build tool instead of Lerna, which was previously used. Since it is not included in package.json, a global installation is required. Please install it with the following command before building.

  1. yarn global add turbo

For more information, see README.md (opens new window) and Development Startup.

[Specification Change] Change File Save Location Under FILE_UPLOAD=local Setting


The contents of this item are only required on systems configured to store attachments on the local file system.
It is not required for systems storing on AWS S3, GCP GCS, or MongoDB GridFS.

The location of the app package has changed, and the location of the files has changed.

Before After
/opt/growi/packages/app/public -> /opt/growi/apps/app/public

Please move existing files after upgrade.

Also see discussion below. https://github.com/weseek/growi/discussions/6086 (opens new window)

For User

Starting with v6.0.0, any anchor link in a page (including links in the auto-generated table of contents) was automatically given the prefix mdcont-.

Example: The id of the Headers section in /Sandbox is #mdcont-headers.

Starting with v6.1.0, this specification has been eliminated and the mdcont- prefix is no longer attached.

However, there is no problem with GROWI-generated links such as the table of contents. If the link contains a mdcont- prefix in the document or if the link refers to a document or system outside of GROWI, it will not jump to the anchor when accessing the document.

Please rewrite the relevant links accordingly.


The content of pages saved using the previous notation will not automatically change when the GROWI version is upgraded.
We have provided a script to batch rewrite Markdown documents to the new notation, please check the discussion below. https://github.com/weseek/growi/discussions/7180 (opens new window)

Check before upgrading

  • Upgrade to Node.js v16 or higher.
  • Upgrade to Elasticsearch v7 or v8.
  • If you are building from source code, check the new build instructions.
  • On systems with FILE_UPLOAD=local setting, check the procedure for moving files after the upgrade.
  • Check the change in anchor links.
    • Inform GROWI users about the change.
    • Decide on a strategy for future rewrites of existing page content.