Upgrading GROWI to v3.4.x

v3.4 uses different versions about Node.js and middlewares as below.

GROWI <= v3.3.x v3.4.x
Node.js v8 v10
MongoDB 3.4 3.6
Elasticsearch 5.3 6.6

Also, the docker image that is used by growi-docker-compose (opens new window) is modified to the image that provided by official docker.elastic.co (opens new window) instead of docker-library/elasticsearch (opens new window).

The case using on premise

Upgrade Node.js

  1. Upgrade Node.js to v10

Upgrade MongoDB

  1. Upgrade MongoDB 3.6 or above
  2. You do not need to migrate data

Upgrade Elasticsearch

  1. Upgrade Elasticsearch 6.6 or above and install plugins that were required so far
    • Since index data can be rebuilt from GROWI's management screen, it can be discarded.

The case using growi-docker-compose (opens new window)

  1. Remove existing containers

    # Remove MongoDB, Elasticsearch containers
    docker-compose rm mongodb elasticsearch
  2. Remove Elasticsearch volumes


    Please check the actual volume name with docker volume ls

    docker volume rm growi_es_data
    docker volume rm growi_es_plugins
  3. Launch

After launching GROWI

  1. Re-build index on "Full Text Search management" page (/admin/search)