Load Balancing Multiple Apps


PubSub server

weseek/nginx-nchan (opens new window) or Redis (Not implemented yet)

Environment variable settings

Minimum settings


More info

See S2SMSG_PUBSUB_NCHAN_* of Environment Variables.

Cautionary points about importing/exporting data


In case of load balancing multiple GROWI apps, data imports/exports may not work properly because these use the file system.

Data imports/exports expand the following data on the file system.

  • "GROWI Archive File" uploaded by "Import GROWI archive" on the "Import Data" page (/admin/importer)
  • "Exported Archive Data" on the "Export Archive Data" page (/admin/export)

Therefore, data imports/exports are not recommended with load balancing multiple GROWI apps.

When backing up data, mongodb-awesome-backup is recommended instead of exporting the archive.