Upgrading GROWI to v4.2.x

The content width of the page has been adjusted to be narrower and centered.
Along with that, the location of the content related to the page has changed.

Upgrade MongoDB to v4.4


This page content is a necessary operation when your system use MongoDB v4.2 or below.

See here to upgrade Mongo.



There are no major changes.
You can control the number of items displayed in the list on the admin page.

Operations about the page


You can operate the page by pressing the three dots button on the upper right.
e.g. rename, duplicate, delete

Switching to editor mode


When changing the edit mode,
how to switch the page display mode has been changed tabs to a button.


You can see each content information by clicking these icons.

Check before upgrading

  • Check if MongoDB has been upgraded to v4.4.
  • Inform your GROWI users of the layout changes.