Markdown Settings

Markdown settings can be configured on the following page.

  • Admin Page > Markdown Settings (Navigate to the /admin/markdown page)

Line break setting

In GROWI's default Markdown syntax, a single line break is not treated as <br>.
To treat a single line break as <br>, switch the Line break setting ON/OFF.

  • When Line break setting is enabled
    • Line breaks in page text and comments are treated as <br> in HTML
  • When Line break setting is disabled
    • Use <br> or insert two spaces at the end of a line to create a line break

Indent setting

Administrators can configure the following settings in the admin panel:

  • Default indent size
  • Disallow change of indent size by users (Toggle ON/OFF)
  • If allowing change of indent size by users, users can specify the size in the page editing interface

Prevent XSS (cross site scripting) setting

Configure how HTML tags in Markdown text are handled to prevent attacks from malicious programs. Choose between "Recommended setting" and "Custom whitelist."

  • If "Recommended setting" is selected

Users cannot modify the content.

  • If "Custom whitelist" is selected

Leaving the "Tag names" field empty and updating will disable HTML functionality.


For example, even if <h1>title</h1> is written in the page body, HTML functionality is disabled, and h1 is not treated as "Heading 1."


If you add h1 to the "Tag names" field, the added HTML will function.


Since HTML is functional, h1 is treated as "Heading 1."