Logger can provide more detailed information if configured. Logger configuration may be helpful in investigating a system clash and authentication failure.

Changelog Level

Add log namespaces separated with a comma to the environment variable DEBUG and restart GROWI.



List of Major Log Namespaces

GROWI tatget module log namespaces
login/logout growi:routes:login,growi:routes:login-passport
passport authentication (OAuth/LDAP) growi:service:PassportService
user data operation growi:models:user*
page operation growi:routes:page,growi:models:page
save/retrieve configs growi:models:config,growi:service:Config*
admin operation growi:routes:admin
file upload growi:models:attachment,growi:service:fileUploader*
full-text search growi:lib:search
send mails growi:lib:mailer


Refer to Logger in Developers Guide.